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Event End: A Frayed Alliance

Written by Admin  Posted on March 01, 2017
A Frayed Alliance Mended Along With Other Loose Strings..
Andre! Andre! LOOK!! I’ been runnin’ the Tailorin’ Fashions shop all my myself and it’s been okay! I even cleaned up my messes! Um.. well, the ones I could reach. The dye paw prints on the ceiling were too high so I tried t’ throw water balloons with soap in ‘em up there and uhh it got more messy but I-I’m sure that’s fiiiine! An’ I MADE things! I dyed a buncha’ stockings! I ripped a buncha’ clothes apart t’ see how you made it and it kinda worked sorta I guess but I jus’ know I can learn better from you, Andre! I promise I’ll be a good student, jus’ like all my new friends!!

Um… Fray, I’ve thought about this a lot. Miranda thinks I need more friends. Robin thinks I need to get out more.
GASP! I can be a friend who gets you out more!!

I - Fray, WAIT. You, you have to let me finish first. Even when I’m - when it takes me a while to figure out what I want to say. Okay? We - we have to - you’ve got to listen to me.
But I don’t want to leave, Andre! Please don’t send me back to the Tatters!! I want to learn tailoring!

Sigh… I.. okay. I know that I chased you off without listening to you, too. You can stay, for now, but only if you can listen to every rule I tell you, all right? I can’t keep you if you’re destroying things all the time just because you like it.
I - I don’t like destroying things! I want to make things! It’s jus’ that.. no matter what I do, I, I get so excited and then I don’ know what I’m supposed to do an’… something ends up broken again.

Hmm. I.. guess you’ll have to practice calming down, then. How about we make tea?
You can MAKE tea?!

You can sure try? Come on, Fray. So, um, tea gets very hot, first of all, so please don’t - I don’t know - run around with it or take a giant gulp or something..

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