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New Items: Premium Lab Bundle!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 28, 2017
He better not be blinding anyone with science!

Well, everyone, despite all the problems going on between the Tatters and Andre, I do have some good news! My son has finished his first round of experiments for his thesis and is prepared to publish the results! That means we've gathered up all the bits and bobs he's produced over the last several months since even before the Enchanted Forest was found, and bundled them into one easy-to-use badge set.

What warms my heart even more is to see that he's doubled down on his work as of late and re-tested each experiment to gather more data. That means you are going to seen new colors for each of his old items. Exciting isn't it! I do so love to see hard work come together.

You may remember his first experiment, the Lab Safety Goggles, which now come in three fetching new colors: Brown, Black, and Gold. The Green Stethoscope can now also be found in Gold, Red, and Black colors as well. Lab Gloves and Lab Boots have gotten a make over with new Black, Yellow, and White colors; is anyone else seeing a pattern here yet?

Hm, I'm not sure how I feel about students drinking out of Flasks, but you will now find them in Brown, Red and Blue along with the original Green. Even more interestingly, the original Lab Coat has had quite the “transformation” into a whole new “form” with four colors. You can now find the Stained Lab Coat in Blue, Brown, Red, and Green colors. I think I have a pretty good idea how all four of these came into being...

If any of these are of interest you, please visit my Headmaster's Office where I will be selling the Lab Bundle Badge and the Pick A Part: Lab Bundle Badge!

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