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New Hairstyles: Wind Blown!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 17, 2017
Blown Away

Man, things at the Salon have been busy lately due to all this seasonal wind! It has, however, got me thinking - I'm the kind of man that values movement, and what brings movement to so much of the natural world? That's right, darlings, wind. So what if I could harness that life and freedom and just inject it into someone's personal style? Might not combat the real wind blowing your hair about everywhere, but it is certainly a start!

Now, let's get things moving with the shortest of the new hair styles today, the Windblown Reserved Hairstyle and Windblown Pixie Hairstyle. The nice thing about short hair is no matter how much you whip it around, you won’t end up eating it yourself! Both of these are just long enough to give you some movement without being long enough to touch your shoulders.

If you’re looking for a medium-length look, might I interest you in either the Windblown Fluffy Hairstyle or Windblown Messy Hairstyle? These two looks show of the dichotomy of the wind blown effect: gentle verse realistic; light breeze versus the power of a storm.

And of course it might take a storm to get these long styles moving: the Windblown Wavy Hairstyle and Windblown Wild Hairstyle! Wild shows off the power of the tempest, and I think would look good for all you magic-castors I've seen running around since the Enchanted Forest was discovered. Wavy is a more relaxed look, but also has a lot more weight to the hair itself if you’re looking for a more regal appearance.

So what do you all think? Are you ready to get caught up in the whirlwind of my inspiration?

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