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New Items: Meals!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 15, 2017
Home Cooked Comfort

As much as I love a quick n’ easy meal, there’s something so nice about sitting down to a proper meal. I guess it reminds me of when I was still living at home with my folks and we'd have a big dinner every night. While I don't have the time to cook like this just for myself that often, it’s a great pick-me-up when I'm feeling down.

First off, I’ve got some really easy recipes for Grilled Pork Chops and Grilled Trout that only take one or two ingredients to make. Flavorful but not too complex, both of these recipes make a great main dish that you can pair with many different types of sides.

On the more complex side I’ve got another fish dish, Fried Cod, which does take some effort to deep fry but that flaky goodness is worth it. And if you don't want to bother with a deep fryer, there is always the pan-fried but equally delicious Trout Parmesan.

Of course not everyone eats fish, so I’ve got a vegetarian meal here as well. To start, you’ll need to pick up some Lentils from Robin’s Greenhouse Garden and once you have those ready, you’ll need to make some Vegetable Consomme from some soup stock. Once you’ve got that, you’re ready to make a steaming hot bowl of Lentil Soup, which is perfect on a cold winter's day. Mmm...

If any of these sound good to you, swing on by the General Store and pick up the recipe cards for yourself!

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