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New Recipes: Salads!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 03, 2017
More Than Rabbit Food

All right Tadpoles, I've heard you all croaking about want more things to cook. You've proven yourselves dedicated enough so far that I think I can trust you with the Quickblade. The first real step to mastering your kitchen is to master you knife skills and there’s nothing like salad to sharpen your cutting ability.

You'll be chopping up all kinds of ingredients for these new recipes - no plain bowls of sad leaves here. I don't know what Hope thinks of when someone says salad, but here in the Forest salads can make a balanced meal.

Starting you out easy, we've got the simple Dandelion Salad, Caprese Salad, Kale Salad, Heart of Domain Salad, and Spinach and Strawberry Salad that will get you used to cutting different shapes and textures, from cheese to fruit. These are all fairly large, rough cuts so you shouldn't end up with any fingers in your food.

Next we’ll step up the difficulty with Green Bean Salad, Carrot and Cranberry Salad, Apple Walnut Salad and Cucumber Salad which all require much thinner, precise cuts or slippery ingredients. Remember, always tuck your fingers in and guide the food out with your knuckles. Your blade shouldn't be leaving the cutting board; it is the food that’s moving, not you.

Finally you’re going to be needed some nice fresh Radish if you want to make this Radical Radish Salad which will test your slicing skills above all else. From there you can try the Fruitopia Salad which is a bountiful plate of sweet flavor to entice even fussy eaters to try something. Once you feel confident in your skills you can give the ultimate salad a try. The Enchanted Garden Salad showcases the best parts of a salad, and it’s so fresh you will be able to see the Forest’s blessing on it.

You can climb up to me at Elven Cuisine in the Enchanted Forest to learn all of these and pick up whatever ingredients you might need. Prove to me that you all are serious and maybe I'll break out even more of my special recipes.

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