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New Items: Magical Accessories

Written by Admin  Posted on January 25, 2017
Hocus Pocus, News Time Focus

Citizens of Hope University, I send good word to your intriguing city. In magic, many of you have expressed a rather understandable interest. Thus shall I offer instructions personally detailed for this next series of Throne Room items unveiled.

Begin with the basics, to be learned at home, explained step-by-step in the Magic Tome. Once mastered, consider strengthening your enchanted bond by securing for yourself a Magic Wand. Not enough? The wand’s power is half of what you can achieve with the Magic Staff.

Oh? Well, oh dear. Please, there’s nothing to fear. Our enchantments are safe to all who might try their hand, whether or not you come from our homeland. If you still worry that it’s a threat, purchase for yourself a Magic Amulet. Its protection is sure, as it comes from the Heart of the Enchanted Forest which bestowed upon us the magical art.

If color’s your major concern, we have plenty to offer by names that are not so black-and-white: Healing, Earth, Fire, Shock, Growth, Poison, Ice, Water, Illusion, Dream, Charm, Time, Shadow, Light. I do believe your apparel could match charmingly to make quite a sight!

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