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Bug Fix: 1/24/17

Written by Admin  Posted on January 24, 2017
Good news! We've fixed some of the major complaints about the Notification system for you. Please note that these changes will only affect new notifications, not previous notifications from before this update. So what's different?

- Your sidebar now links directly to the Forum post that sent the notification.

- Forum replies are all collapsed into a single notification. This means you will only receive 1 notification per topic until you have read that notification! This only applies to a Subscribed topic, not a Subscribed category.

- The Inbox and Notifications page now have checkboxes for easier mass handling. This allowed us to remove the 'x' from the sidebar, which was our temporary workaround until we got this change in place.
Edit: Oops, I almost forgot to mention one more update! Your Profile Settings now has an option to reverse the order of items on your Kith's Diet, Toybox, and Knowledge widgets! This is helpful for users who like seeing what was most recently given to their Kith, rather than what was first given to them. :)

I hope you all enjoy this update! Please keep an eye out for any new bugs, and report your findings in the Technical Support Forum. Click Read More to see the details of other bug fixes.


The tabs in the Headmaster's Office should display correctly on mobile now.

Shops have been fixed so that the sidebar should not stretch outside of the page layout on top of the footer anymore.


Sometimes the Games don't download graphics to your computer properly. Sometimes Memory seems to freeze when resetting a level. We don't know why yet. Close the window, refresh your cache and try opening the game again to fix this problem.

The security questions dropdown has repeat questions, whoops. We've disabled the security questions on the unlock request for the time being, so you should be able to unlock your account without them.

Item names may sometimes stretch the images in your inventory, in shops, etc.

The Restock Shop timer occasionally glitches. (This will be fixed after public launch.) - We are working on this fix now, but it's a big one! It'll take a while.


Search (items and usernames) Status: on hold

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