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Between the Shadow and Soul by Ruevian won the Writing Spotlight! She wasn't at the estate. She was in Hope, where she truly belonged. It was okay. It had to be okay. The ghostly ache of her scars throbbed once more in resentment, then faded into numbness.
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New Items: Toys!!!!!!!!!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 13, 2017
Child's Play

Hi everybirdie! Are you all doing well? Not getting into too much trouble? Well let me help that! Just kidding, just kidding!

I do have some fun new toys for all of you though! I've been talking with my Kith Burnie and we decided that what you need is some toys to teach you the ways of the Forest! You should start with the classic Wooden Peg Doll, which is great for those who might be a tad too rough on more elaborate dolls. And if one isn't enough, I’ve got a whole Wooden Peg Doll Painting Set for those of you who want to make a whole mini army!

Speaking of army, you Hope folks have animals that just walk around all willy-nilly with no plants?! That's so weird! Since Rometzs are so important here I was thinking it was important you all understood what was what so I got this very educational and not-annoying-sounding-at-all pull-and-play, The Rometz Goes...? Noisy toys are some of my favorites so I also got out the Bead Maze and Spinning Top with their soothing rattling and plunking noises. Great for helping young kith learn about movement too! If you get one of the tops that refuses to fall down you might want to get Lenta to disenchant it, somebirdie has been pranking me by casting a spell on them! I know it’s you, Burnie!!

I’ve got this Plain Wooden Yo-yo that is great for learning the basics before you get a fancier one that you might scuff up the paint job on. Uh, you, uh, might not want to use this in the Throne Room. Like, never ever use it in there. I warned you, anything that gets broken isn't my fault now! Oh! And! There’s one more toy that you have to be careful about! She's a killer! No, I really mean it, this is a poisonous Mrs Mushroom Head that you absolutely shouldn’t eat! 100% Not Food! Toy only! You'll get the itchiest rash and these weird green blotches all over! Trust me! No matter how hungry you get, it isn't worth it! I get itchy just thinking about it...

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