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New Items: Gloves!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 09, 2017
Fits like a Glove

Oh good, you’re here! Quick, come down to the Tailored Fashions before those wild Kith break in again - I have some delicate new stock and I can't bear to see it chewed up and destroyed!

These Lace Gloves are as beautiful as they are fragile. I hand-stitched all the lace myself for the best possible fit and can promise you they are very quality pieces. O-oh? Are these too delicate? Hm, what about these Opera Gloves? They’re more sturdy than the lace! Fancy and regal, these gloves fit snugly all the way up past your elbow. They’re great for an extra bit of warmth with a sleeveless dress. Perhaps try pairing them with a evening gown?

Is that still not what you were hoping for? Well, I do have some nice warm gloves for outdoor use! Both the Wool Mittens and Leather Gloves are perfect for work and play in cold weather. You can choose how much finger dexterity you want verses finger warmth. Eh? You want...more flexibility than that, too? Um… There is that box of all the gloves with the finger tips bitten off... do... you want Fingerless Gloves? I could finish off those edges and keep them from fraying any further... Hm. Maybe there is a silver lining to all this...

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