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Kith Update: New Stages & Quotes

Written by Admin  Posted on January 04, 2017
It's time to introduce the Hermithog's new Heroic and Tattered Stages! You can find the Heroic Medallion and Tattered Shred in the Headmaster's Office, each with the option to choose the Hermithog's new transformation.

And "speaking of" Kith, we have new Kith Quotes! Your Marketplace notifications will now come with Kith commentary. Anyone without an Active Kith will still receive the default notifications.

Our last update of the day is most intriguing... Piper has installed a camera on her latest game, Stumped! Now you can see your own Active Kith meeting that roly-poly bug for an exciting game.

This new code is based on the ability code that was recently added to the games, so it should work by default. However, we ran into a few snags with caching while testing this, so please clear your cache and reload from the site before reporting any technical difficulties! I've set the link to Stumped (New!) just in case we have any problems due to the new code. In terms of programming, I'm very pleased with where this could lead in the future: maybe your Kith will be able to comment on games, or even "play" along with you! :D

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