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Winged kitty by Featherfalls won the Avatar Spotlight!
I decided to enter this month's avatar contest with a winged cat. Because everyone likes birds, and everyone likes cats, am I right?
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New Items: Drinks!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 02, 2017
Bottoms Up!

I don't know what it is about cold weather, but I'm always so thirsty from the dry, freezing air! Lucky for you all, I’ve got just the remedy. After talking with Robin for far longer than necessary, I've convinced her to add the Black Tea Bag to her stock rotation so that you can all make a Cup of Black Tea and Sweet Iced Tea at home.

Robin tells me there’s been some grumbling about microwaving your tea and I realized I have been a little unfair. I haven't been sharing my stock of Instant Coffee Mix, keeping it all for myself! I'm sorry everyone, you all deserve quick coffee like you do quick tea. So now you can make a Mug of Instant Coffee or, if you prefer it cold, an Iced Coffee. Some days, this instant coffee is the only thing keeping me going; it's great.

And of course I know not everyone likes these kinds of drinks, so I also have some sweet new juice recipes as well. Cherry Juice is an uncommon drink, and stains very easily, so be careful. I have no idea when or where I got this Pink Lemonade, but it was mixed in with the bunch so I must’ve simply forgotten...
I’ve also been asked to stock a Bottle of Water for students to carry around, particularly those of you running off into the Tatters and finding new worlds or what have you. Don’t go drinking strange river water! I mean it! That’s how you make yourself sick! Just because Kith can do it, doesn't mean humans should do it too!

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