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New Items: Elves, Dryads, and Avoreals, oh my!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 23, 2016
Ahem. Excuse me? Please excuse me. I have a message to deliver on behalf of Princess Celariel.

You've proven to us in this short time that you are a goodly people, and as such I have come to offer access to our most sacred of spells. The Wizards Three once enchanted us to become connected to the Heart of the Forest, so that the Withering could not destroy us within our home. If you so choose, you, too, can join the Enchanted Forest. Your ruler - or, rather - Headmaster has agreed to guard the Avoreal Bundle Badge, Dryad Bundle Badge, and Inspired Elven Hair Badge in his Office. If you wish only to adapt one part of your form, you may instead select the Pick A Part version of the Badge you wish for.

The most dedicated of envoys may also come to me as often as once upon the hour to receive a Quest that rewards Dryad Eyes.

Edit: Deepest apologies. Please preview the items here.

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