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New Items: Books!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 06, 2016
Reading by Candle Light

Ah, there goes another brown out...
What is Lycus doing over in the Lab that is using so much power? I’m sorry everyone, I intended to have a much bigger book release for you tonight but when the lights keep flickering like this I can’t focus! Hopefully the few books I did manage to get together will tide you over until all of this settles down. Still... I hope Lycus is being safe with whatever he’s doing...

Our first book is a good one for younger Kith who might not have developed an interest in reading yet. It's a fun Sticker Activity Book! I will remind you to please make sure the stickers are going on appropriate sticker locations and not other books. Or desks... or any school property. I shouldn’t have to say that, but here we are. Disclaimers.

Next is the enigmatic and exciting world of cryptography. Secret Codes can teach you all the ins-and-outs creating your own codes as well as how to crack some of the most famous codes we still know about from back before the Cataclysm. This provides not just a great experience for learning problem solving, but you and your Kith can develop you own secret messaging system like spies! Um… Don't use this as an excuse to pass notes in class. Encoded or not, it is still against the rules.

And our final book, Circle of Life, explains the order of the natural world. Life and death, while sad, are a fact of life and a necessity for how we live. This book takes a less grim look at the subject to help explain to young children or inexperienced Kith not just the idea of the food chain, but how decomposition helps everyone.

W-wha- ugh, well there goes the power again. I swear, if he starts a fire on his half of the building I’ll… Headmaster Artois has seem so worried lately. Um, do you think you could check in with Lycus down in the lab? I'll get these books up on the shelves here in the Campus Supplies in the meanwhile. Maybe take a fire extinguisher with you...

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