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I Caught a High Score THIS Big by Taiga won the Game Spotlight! You like this new game... Trash Grab is it? Oh yeah, it's fun especially once you hit the bonus round, that's where it really kicks it up a notch, not to mention all that fanse--- huh? Wait... you HAVEN'T hit the bonus round?
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New Quests!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 05, 2016
It's time to start bringing in more Story Quests! These take a bit longer to create than Hourly Quests, but the rewards are significant... And this is the first of many to come. Nicholas needs your help to figure out dinner! Visit the Quest Log to learn more.

I've also slipped a few new Hourly Quests into the system for Andre, Robin, Jay, and Miranda. Remember that it make take a couple hours for these to show up for your account, and they each have a small percentage chance of showing up every hour.

We've heard your suggestions for changing the Hourly and Daily Quests such that you don't have to Decline a Quest in order to get a new one. Later this week, we will be updating the Quests so that this change takes place for any Quests that have been declined or ignored. Only the Daily/Hourly Quests that are Active (when you have clicked "Accept") will remain. Thank you all for your feedback!

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