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New Items: Socks!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 29, 2016
Oh no, not another pair frayed... What am I going to do? At this rate all my fabric stock is going to be ruined. I know the solitary Kith are like babies but I hope they find something more interesting near the Tatters than my house! At least it looks like Miranda's surprise is safe...

See, Miranda has ‘loved’ a few of her stockings into a state that I would call ‘completely unwearable but for the fact that you are somehow wearing them right now’. So I’ve been preparing a whole new batch of fun and colorful socks to brighten up the cold.

To start, we have the Black Stripe Stockings and their partner White Stripe Stockings, simple banded socks in one of thirteen colors and either a black or white stripe. These can add a nice pop of color without being too busy if you’re looking for a layered outfit.

From there we have the Splatter Stockings and the Ink Stockings with a fun white or black paint splatter pattern over top one of thirteen colors. These have a grungy look that you might find better suited to the Denim Skirt than the school uniform.

Next are the sweet and spicy Licorice Stripe Stockings and Candy Stripe Stockings. These offer thin bands of black or white with two thick bands of color. Each comes in six wonderful 'flavors' of Berry, Citrus, Herbal, Frozen, Grape, and Caramel.

And some of you might remember these next stocking from Halloween! We have the Tri-Color Stockings in nine new colors: Berry, Fall Leaves, Buggy, Herbal, Blueberry, Frozen, Grape, Candy Cane, and Bubblegum.

Rounding us out, we have the not-so-warm, but very fashionable Fishnet Stockings in my usual fourteen colors. Hm, actually, Miranda might not like these so much due to the weather... but all the other stockings should be right up her alley. Have you ever seen her collection? It’s impressive.

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