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Waiting for you to speak, the dark witch strokes her kith
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Event Update: Gallery Giftshop

Written by Admin  Posted on June 18, 2024
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Ohhh, can't this gondola ride go any faster?! The Scourge of Doubt is getting worse by the minute, and I fear what that means for the Masterpieces closest to the vault... At this rate, we won't be able to catch up with Specter, the waterfalls will drown out everyone before we can save them, the vault itself - no! With the Gallery Kith by my side, absorbing my fears, Doubt won’t be getting to me again!

There! I see the next exhibit! Wait, is this even an exhibit? "Gallery Giftshop"... Oh dear, I suppose... this is the exit? But... how did we miss the vault?

No, I have faith in my plan, even if I don’t understand it yet… I can feel that I’m not wrong about the Scourge of Doubt being most dangerous at the end of the museum! Which means that if I trust myself, and look closely…

Gasp! There!

You! You... aren't the Scourge of Doubt I was expecting. What's a tiny Petty Doubt doing here? Why is it hiding by that artwork?

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