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Oh, I Feel It. I Feel the Cosmos. by Taiga won the Item Design Spotlight! "While looking through old botany references, the Hive discovered the humble Cosmos... and then proceeded to wonder how such a plain flower could have this stellar name and how they could fix it.
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Event Update: Preserved Pages

Written by Admin  Posted on June 18, 2024
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Oh! Visitors! Hi, I’m Mabayui!

I haven’t had any visitors is so long! At least, not since those lovely folks on the Venture came by. So clever of them to have brought their own gondola, and such charming people! Not like the boat that just zipped right by me the other day. She didn’t even glance at me, much less stop to check out my gallery, can you believe it? A perfect face like this - and she didn’t even slow down! Just sailed right past me!

Perhaps the waterfalls got her. That would serve her right! They were only a trifling little trickle of a security feature before she came and started messing around with things! Now the waterfalls are HUGE! And, dare I say, not secure at all? This is why the first rule of visiting a museum is “look with your eyes, not your hands!” At least, for most exhibits.

Well, anyway, she seemed pretty subdued when she sailed by. Maybe she didn’t find what she was looking for in the other exhibits? Or didn’t like what she found? She looked… upset. Not angry. Oh, what’s the word…? Bereft? Betrayed?

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