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Soaring by Spacegal won the Games Spotlight! This paper airplane has reached new heights! Soarin' to the ten thousands! :D.
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New Items: June User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 18, 2024
Heya everybody! It's just me this month coming to your from the toasty warm and wet Coral Reef! Well, their beach anyway. Soon as Shady heard that Gallery Trapping was infested with the Scourge of Doubt he shipped me and Jr right on off to a beach side vacation.

Honestly Junior has been having a great time digging in the sand, building up the sand, eating the sand... Meanwhile I've been more into the water sports! Nothing like floating around in a inner tube for hours on end with a nice tasty fruity beverage. Of course that means I am now one soggy little bun. I mean have you seen the size of the waves they've got here! Well guess what, I've been working out the perfect ratio of water to salt to bring you the not-so-new but much easier to acquire Splashing Parted Waters Pattern and Splashing Back Waters Pattern! Yaaaay, now everyone can get as salt crusted as me!

If maybe you are feeling a bit too water soluble for that, (I understand we have some new very water-phobic friends about), then may I direct your attention to the list of all the new User Custom items Shady emailed me!

First Time Submitter! Ziodyne:
Tied Chest Ribbons

Mal Loup:
One Leg Shredded Jeans Selection - ( Blue One Leg Shredded Jeans, Black One Leg Shredded Jeans )
Firefly Flurry Selection - ( Blue Firefly Flurry )
Blue Checkered Leggings
Unreasonably Large Cleaver
Avatar Fill for Pizza Party Arcade
Avatar Fill for Gloomy Chapel
Avatar Fill for Dusky Rose
Avatar Fill for Ramen Shop

Moth King of Moths:
Shoulder Buddy Selection - ( Weird Purple Bug Shoulder Buddy )
Frame of Doubt

And over at Kith Fashions we've even got some brand new duds for that kith who enjoy swimming through the sea of stars; the Ulusive! Brought to you by the ever talented Kreszia11 we've got a spooky new little friend the Red Ulusive Spider Ribbon.

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Kith gt kith 1 stage 1 red


Stoic Koisonne
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