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Event Update: Digital Interactive

Written by Admin  Posted on June 12, 2024
It looks like it’s just us now! You all have proven your ability to deal with any challenges a Remnant might throw at you time and time again, and I am ready to fight alongside you if Specter starts stirring up trouble! I wish Nicholas could be here, too, but he’s busy organizing aid for the Solarium. That’s important work, but I am much more useful out here, helping to find new Kith. Although, I have yet to see any here, despite the fact that I can sense they're somewhere here in the museum…

Oh dear, I suppose this isn’t the coldest welcome we’re ever had when entering a new Remnant, but there’s a chill in this place that’s more than all these tall marble columns and gilt, more than all the water swirling almost up to my paws! Something… very like the wrongness in the Tatters when a wave of Snarls is headed our way? Goodness, I do hope that I’m just imagining it…

I wish we didn’t have to wait on those gondolas to arrive, but I won’t have anybody swimming in these canals, please - it smells…strange. Like one of Lycus’ chemical experiments overlaid with artificial freshness. Not like good, clean water, for all that these puddles are as clear as glass, and the rapids as white as snow. We might not be able to avoid getting wet, but we don’t have to soak in it, or, worse, accidentally drink any of it!

Oh thank goodness! The gondolas are here at last!

**kkshht** Welcome to the Archival Gallery of Artistic and Intellectual Necessity. Please take a seat in one of our beautiful Gallery Gondolas to begin your guided tour! For the safety of other visitors and yourself, please remain seated and keep all limbs within the Gallery Gondola while the Gondola is in motion. As a friendly reminder, our pristine canal water, like our priceless artwork, is just for looking, not for touching! Thank you and have a wonderful voyage into the world of art! **clk**

A pre-recorded message from the Golden Age? How surreal… Do be careful getting into these boats – they all look quite worse for wear. They’ve gotten terribly battered by the tumultuous water in the canals.

Easy does it now... Good.

Thank you all for being patient and sticking together. I don’t want anyone running off and getting into trouble on their own until we have a much better idea of what the situation is here! Our priority must be saving this Remnant from Specter. We’ll be busy enough without having to rescue any of you, too!

We’re almost to the next exhibit’s dock. I’ll be glad to get off this boat; it’s so slow and my fur is getting soaked! Hm! This gallery doesn’t look like what I expected to see in a museum... It almost reminds me of the Solarium, in a way?

**kkshht** Thank you for your patience! You may now disembark and begin your visit to our first Gallery Exhibit, Digital Interactive: Art At Play. Passengers headed to the next exhibit, please allow for all arriving passengers to exit the Gondolas before taking your seats. Thank you. Gondolas cycle through the galleries on a fixed schedule, so you should have ample time to explore all this exhibit has to offer! Enjoy!**clk**

Oh dear, that’s a bit inconvenient… but I suppose the gondolas are still the safest means of travel here and the best way to make sure no one gets separated and lost. Speaking of which… has anyone spotted any Kith? I’m worried that we haven’t seen any yet, but I’m not sure what to expect in a place like this! The way Luc and Angelique spoke of the people who live here, they might blend- Wait! I thought I saw a flickering flash of colors! A Snarl?! No, I think that might be a Kith! There! Hello? Are you okay?

Hi! I’m not okay, I'm Render! You guys know Treble? And Luc and Angelique? They’re pretty cool. Are they coming back any time soon? We could use some help! There was this other boat, you see? A giant gondola with a lady like a Masterpiece on the front of it, only she didn’t seem bothered by the water. Which is good, since she’s a boat and all. But after she came through, the waterfalls got worse and there’s like a monster prowling around and it’s not hurt by the water either and that’s just not fair!

Oh dear! That sounds awful, little one, but don’t worry. My friends and I are indeed here to help! My name is Iris, and the boat’s name is Specter. She’s attacked some of our friends in other Remnants and wants to do something horrible with whatever lies in the vault at the center of the galleries, but we’re here to stop her. Did you see where she was headed?

No… I, uh, I got a little scared and hid in the exhibit. And when I hide I pretty much disappear! Good thing, too, it sounds like, if this Specter is as mean as you say! And going after the vault, too? Uh oh!

D.G. might have seen something more! That’s my friend. It’s just us in this exhibit! D.G.’s kind of shy sometimes, but he makes the coolest toys and art. I’ll tell him you’re friends with Treble and the Lucky Venture crew and maybe he’ll come out!

Hey D.G.! These guys seem real nice! And they wanna help!

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