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Licorne Battle Quotes by Rayne won the Writing Spotlight! In honor of my very first kith, a Licorne, I will attempt to give our graceful friends their voices in battle.?
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New Items: May User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 31, 2024
Hey there Kiddos, I'd like to say it's been a quiet and relaxing month - but with the Lucky Venture stuck out in the river, it has been anything but. Last thing I need right now is to find out Club got bundled up in some cargo crate and shipped out to Port of Call, or find out Jr has grown a gambling addiction and turned to a life of riverboat crime. I've kept a close eye on the both of them, just to be safe...

And of course, there's all this business with Specter and the Archival Gallery of Artistic and Intellectual Necessity... just saying that name gives me the worst throbbing migraine...

What I'm getting at is that old Shady here is grateful you've been merciful to him and his workload after that last batch of submissions damn near flattened my whole staff. We've got a small selection this time around, but I think you'll find many of the submissions very timely in and of themselves. Take care out there with whatever comes next... and remember, stick together.

Pride Cape Selection - ( Pan Pride Cape, Lesbian Pride Cape, Genderfluid Pride Cape )
Pride Chest Pin Selection - ( Pan Pride Chest Pin, Lesbian Pride Chest Pin, Genderqueer Pride Chest Pin, Genderfluid Pride Chest Pin )
Pride Hair Pin Selection - ( Pan Pride Hair Pin, Lesbian Pride Hair Pin, Genderqueer Pride Hair Pin, Genderfluid Pride Hair Pin )
Pride Mantle Selection - ( Pan Pride Mantle, Lesbian Pride Mantle, Genderfluid Pride Mantle )
Pride Wrap Selection - ( Pan Pride Wrap, Lesbian Pride Wrap, Genderfluid Pride Wrap )
Heart on Fire

Flat Cap Selection - ( White Flat Cap, Olive Flat Cap, Crimson Flat Cap )

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