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Springtide's Spring Cleaning!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 24, 2024
How’s everyone enjoying your relaxing Springtide celebration? The Tattered World team has been hard at work in the background, taking advantage of this lull to do some spring cleaning on our to-do lists and tackle a variety of pending quality of life tasks! Here’s the fun stuff that we’ve got for you today:

New Quests:

We’ve added two new quests, inspired by the winners of our Quest Design Site Contests!

- Firmheart now has a new Devoted quest called “On the Subject of Paperwork and Materials” based on the winning entry by Pandaslowpoke.
- Kosmas now has a new Devoted quest called “No Safe Space Like Home” based on the winning entry by VictoriaBarnCat.

New Items:

The following new Items have been added, inspired by the winners of our Item Design Site Contests!

- Cross-Remnant Quilt, based on the winning entry by Tisane, now stocking in Piper's Arcade shop!
- Make Your Own Friendship Necklaces, based on the winning entry by Tisane, now stocking in Miranda's Campus Supplies shop!

Thanks again to our winners for suggesting their fun ideas!

New Achievements + Forum Backgrounds:

Those pesky fairies have finally agreed to share a few more achievements with us!

You can now earn the Cirque Explorer Achievement (and accompanying Map of Cirque Faerial Banner) when you reach maximum devotion with the fey!

Not only that, but each of the Cirque Faerial shopkeepers now have a Forum banner available in the Pick A Part: NPC Shop Banner! Preview them here on the Forums!

Plus, if you’re brave enough to go toe-to-toe against Hotshot in the Carnival Kitchen, you can also earn a ton of Cirque Faerial Cooking Achievements! Can you find them all?

Not ones to be outdone, the warriors of the Golden Colosseum have also unveiled a daunting set of challenges for you! The Golden Colosseum Tailoring and Cooking Achievements are here! Go forth, mighty crafters!

Continuity Edits:

The story and characters of tattered world are always evolving dynamically… Which means it’s time for some of our periodic continuity updates!

Cast Page Overhaul!

Not only have we added brand-new Cast Page entries for the Lucky Venture and Cirque Faerial, the majority of our characters have had their cast pages updated for continuity - and all of our Remnant descriptions got some sprucing, too! Now you can give it a read-through whenever you need to refresh your memory.

We hope that this expansion will make the Cast Page a more valuable resource for new and returning users alike!

Updated Quotes for Solarium + Hope!

Between the discovery of Cirque Faerial and the Solarium SOS Event, a lot has been happening, and our characters have a lot to say about it!

There are now updated quotes for Elliot, Kyprian, Marisol, Beebot, Xenia, and RiGBy. Not only that, but Jay has some updated quotes as well, and some brand-new quotes have been added to Nicholas and Estella!

You can find a side-by-side comparison of old and new quotes in the continuity thread.

Updated Secret Quests!

In the wake of the Solarium SOS event, we’ve made changes to the Secret Quests of Elliot and Kyprian. Looks like their experiences gave them a lot to think about…

We’ve also fixed a bug where some of the previous updates to Andre’s Secret Quest were not displaying correctly. No need to be shy about this, Andre!

You can find a side-by-side comparison of the old and new versions of the quests in the continuity thread.

Zephyr’s Kith!

It’s no secret that our lovely Mystic of Spring, Zephyr, never met a Kith that he didn’t love! After taking some time to get to know some new friends, she has decided to ally with a Masquifette, Zerrygoraff, Galephant, Haxenslash, Jokanape, and even a Magicelium! AW!!


That’s all for now! As a reminder, continuity updates are a slow, ongoing process, so it can take a long time for things to be changed or added. Just because something hasn’t been updated yet doesn’t mean it isn’t on our list! That being said, if you notice a direct continuity issue like the ones listed above, you can help us to find it faster by posting about it in the Technical Support forum.

PHEW! We hope that you enjoy all of these changes! It may take up to 24 hours for everything here to appear on your account. And don't forget that the Springtide event and April Site Contest end on April 30th, so enjoy your restful holiday!

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