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New Premium Items: Wings of Season's Essence

Written by Admin  Posted on April 05, 2024
Greetings and spring salutations to you all, with my most heartfelt blessings sent to those in the Cosmic Solarium. It has greatly saddened us here in the Enchanted Forest to hear of the calamity that has recently befallen their Remnant. While there is little that we can do to provide assistance with the repairs to their home, as their metal and technological structures are as of yet foreign concepts to us, we are of course arranging for shipments of supplies to be sent with utmost haste. That is to say, it is not only our duty as members of a community, but a debt - no, an opportunity to return the assistance that they gave to us during the events of the unfortunate Reign of the Dragon. We have considered sending along magical implements to assist with restoration, but research into the effects of how magic and technology interplay has resulted in - or rather, has not been conclusive, and even the most careful application of Growth magic to restore their gardens might have unforeseen effects if it became entangled unexpectedly with an aspect of their technology that we do not yet understand.

Her Highness Princess Celariel has thus decreed that studying such potential interactions should become our next priority, now that we have concluded our current investigation into cross-Remnant magical effects. The reports that we have read of Specter’s attack mention a power called “thaumatech” - which seems to be a hitherto-unknown combination of organic and inorganic elements. Thus far, we have not been able to uncover that term or similar terminology in our own library, but the Princess has tasked scholars familiar with the oldest records to scour those documents for anything which might fit the description provided to us by the Solarium’s own scholars.

Oh, but I’ve almost let myself get distracted – I am digressing from the topic that I meant to bring to your attention today. As I mentioned, Princess Celariel and I have long been engaged in - forgive me, I did not meant to imply an - the princess and I have long been involved - no, for Greenman's sake - we have been investigating and studying the various iterations of the force which we know as magic, as it appears in the various Remnants. Cirque Faerial’s wind magic has been our most recent focus. The absence of wind magic among the Enchanted Forest’s complement of elemental magics has long been a subject of much interest and speculation among wizards and scholars, and it is good - that is… not good, but rather, useful to have confirmation that it was stolen by the first Ringmaster of the Cirque. It is also fascinating to see how they have applied it to keep their whole Remnant aloft, and developed a sort of rite of passage around acquiring wings and harnessing the magic. Despite the roguish misuse of the magic thus far, we have at last been able to utilize wind magic for the purpose of helpfully applying flight to the flightless.

You see, now that we have pure samples to work with, we have successfully woven various Forest magics back into it, and created a selection of wings that evoke the Enchanted Forest!

Using seasonal magic as a stabilizing web, we - well, perhaps not everyone present for this announcement wishes to hear a lengthy explanation of the finer details of the magical processes. Anyone who is interested in delving into the complexities may invest in a sample of our workings thus: Earth Wings of Spring’s Essence, Growth Wings of Summer’s Essence, Fire Wings of Autumn’s Essence, and Ice Wings of Winter’s Essence.

You will find that each season’s wings have been combined with all schools of Enchanted Forest magic, so no matter which season or which type of magic is your preference, you should be able to find a set of wings that suits you in the Wings of Season’s Essence Badge Bundle Pick A Part: Wings of Season’s Essence Badge for sale at the office of your Headmaster.

That is all from me at this time, but you may expect to hear from Alban soon - to be precise, on the day of April 16th, as they have the honor of leading the Springtide celebrations this year and are also hosting the next Site Contest. They mentioned to me that - my understanding is that it will be a Gallery Contest with a theme of "Blossoming Future."

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