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A New...Sweater? by ArcaneDreamer won the Kith Spotlight! Raiju has come up with a great way to scare off the Snarls! Though, this idea is a bit... unconventional.
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Site Contest Winners: March 2024

Written by Admin  Posted on March 27, 2024
Oh me oh my – Marisol, can we take a little break?? Perhaps find a quiet spot to settle, beeneath this tree in Sector K7?? Things have been so bzz-bzz-busy after everything that happened with Specter’s attack…

Which reminds me – I want to thank everybody who helped navigate those Restricted Robotics during this month’s Site Contest!! I especially want to honor the winner, RoBob Ross Beats the Specter Out of Him! by KiwiCraft!!

Hip-hip-huzzah!! Since you earned the most Cheers on your entry, you'll receive 100 Gems - as well as the In the Spotlight Achievement - the Spotlight T-Shirt - and the Spotlight Showcase!!

I’m zzipping the winning thread over to the Archived Contest Winners Forum - while all other entries will be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum!!

…That was fun!! But… *kzzt*… I didn’t expect it to bee so tiring, too…

My sunny Sol… may I ask you for some advice??

I’m trying to keep my processing core cheery - but it’s so much more difficult than usual!!

It’s just – *kzzt* - so strange and terrible to know that so much time was taken from all of us inorganics, without us even beeing aware… Sometimes I get these faint, fleeting sensations about the experience of being in Specter’s hivemind - not entries into my memory logs, nothing so strong - but most of that time is simply… blank!!

And knowing how much damage the hive and I did…!! *KZZT!!* All this work that we have to do – I know it’s not our fault, but – oh, it’s too much for my processors!

At least… at least the therapists that you recommended for the hive seem to bee helping - and it’s been heartening to see how many people are assisting already-

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