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New Premium Kith: Disdain Kith!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 08, 2024
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So… this is it. A working model of how Specter’s been mutating. *koff*… I… finished it. Not that it’s gonna help, given what this data shows…


Damnit! More Snarls incoming?! No, wait – they’re getting driven off again by all those creepy Tattered Kith that’ve started hanging outside the shuttle.

Ugh, they make my skin crawl… *koff*… *hchh*… Aside from the parts of me that, uh… don’t have skin.

Wonder if that’s how everyone else on stuck on this shuttle has been feeling, every time they’re staring at me.

Wonder if that’s how…

Huh, speak of the devil. Hey, Kyp! There you are – c’mon, get over here! Where’ve you been? No, never mind, no time for that. I've got radiant news to report, as usual – *koff* - I’ve finally got a breakthrough to share, though hell if I know how we plan to actually use it…

Take a look at this. Yeah, the data is literally jaw-dropping, but just wait, Kyp, it gets worse! Specter didn’t draw on the Tatters in some kind of one-and-done upgrade situation. This so-called “Project F.A.L.L.” that’s changing her code -- this mutation that she’s using to inject herself with the Scourge of Disdain – *koff*... *hchh*... Her use of the Black Hole’s power is ongoing. You can tell from the way she's been unraveling bit by bit during battles -

You know what that means? It means she’s got to maintain this unnatural connection to the Tatters to use her new abilities – *hchh* - and though she may be able to sail through them unharmed, storing them inside herself – wielding that destructive power – surprise surprise, that’s a different story! It’s wrecking her code and starting to do hard-core damage to her internal hardware, too. Gee, what a shocker! To keep with the organic analogy, it’s like these mutations are powering up her immune system – *koff*... *hchh*... at the same time that they’re going cancerous.

Sounds sunny, yeah? Guess our problem’s going to solve itself any second now, right? WRONG. As bad as this is for Specter, it’s also garbage news for us! *koff*… *hchh*… Just our luck! 'Cause despite all our efforts, this data confirms that it’s impossible to defeat her for good – ‘cause she’s anchored to the twice-scorched Black Hole itself!

AND! If we don’t find a way to terminate that connection between her and the Black Hole, it’s just gonna keep feeding her more and more power – *koff* - in fact, the more destroyed she gets, the more unstoppable she’ll be! It’s like… like it’s making and unmaking her, constantly!

I know, I know, you’re probably about to launch into some sunny speech about turning our luck around or holding onto optimism or whatever, so lemme just say - I haven't given up yet, okay? If I can just have a little more time with this code, maybe comb over that data with some of Blue's old automated firewall flags and-

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