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Kith-shaped Nuggets by Dread won the Item Design Spotlight! Everyone knows dinosaur shaped nuggets are the superior nuggets, but right now the only nuggets available on site are some boring old cheeprometz nuggets (sorry EF, I love you). Kith-shaped nuggets are the natural in-universe branch from dinosaur, so help me reach my dream of adding the superior nugget to the site!
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New Items: Water Toys!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 21, 2016
Brr, it’s getting cold out. Guess what that means! All those summer pool toys are on sale at my Arcade! Now you can own a Pool Raft or a Pool Noodle, which can be like a home base while your Kith dives for Sinking Pool Rings at different depths! Look, I’ve even got Water Wings for the reluctant swimmers among your Kith. Bring yours over to the University gym’s pool during public hours, or cram it into your own Inflatable Pool at home!

Not a fan of big bodies of water? That’s okay, repurpose your Inflatable Pool into a Ball Pit and keep your Rubber Ducky in the bathtub instead! The Toy Steamboat is waterproof, but, uhh, you might want to keep the Model Ship and Ship in a Bottle on the mantle if your Kith has an impulsive personality…

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