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New Premium Kith: Tattered Cirque Faerial

Written by Admin  Posted on January 08, 2024
Hm... Is anyone else suspicious about the fey offering quests as soon as the Golden Colosseum's protection ritual is over? I don't know; maybe I just have all the cautionary fairy tales of my childhood stuck in my head... Enhe, you mentioned sensing something before - are you up for a little detective work? You don't have to, if you don't want to.

Enheduanna: We can play detective for a little bit and sniff around for clues. That sounds fun!
As long as we don't go into the Tatters. I... I feel... something from them.

You got it. Let's just check out the Tattered edge of Hope, down by Andre's shop, okay? We'll stop and ask someone else to help out if it gets to be too much.

Enheduanna: It's different... This unease I feel.

Enhe, do you think there might be another Snarl attack? Maybe we shouldn't go to the Tatters at all -

Enheduanna: It's not like that. Usually, when a surge of Snarls bursts forth, the Tatters always feel kinda... frantic? Energetic? More... chaotic.
But this... Can you see it?

Hmm... What am I looking for? The Tatters are hard for me to make sense of, just pulling apart the reality I can see in random strings and pieces and... wait. That doesn't look random.

Enheduanna: Because it isn't. Not anymore.
The Tatters are coming undone in a... specific order? I can't tell why or what it means, but it's definitely more methodical and precise than they've ever been before.

Since when have Tatters been orderly? Why would-? Okay, we're calling Iris and Nicholas in, now. Actually, you know what? I'm calling Elliot, too. He's a host for the January Site Contest and he's got firsthand experience dealing with the science of the Tatters… and living with the consequences.

Enheduanna: Good idea.
But results take... time. Time... Time...
We need a stopgap solution now. Something to keep watch over whatever change is occurring here...
I can't. Please, I don't want to-
And I don't have to! I'm not alone. I'm not alone.
The Tattered Kith... All of them. They promised to help...

Leave it to us!

We know a thing or two about secrets!

We Cirque Faerial Kith will steal straight from the source and Tatter into our trickiest forms yet!

Enheduanna: ...Thank you.

Yes, thank you all! I'm sorry for what I said earlier - I shouldn't be so suspicious of Cirque Faerial, when you're trying to learn and change for the better. Everyone can change. Right, Enhe?

Enheduanna: Heh. Right!

And now that the Kith from Cirque Faerial have learned the Tattered transformation, I know Nicholas will be sure to help by updating the Tattered Shred with these new selections in the Headmaster's Office for anyone else who wants to join the Tattered team.

Hopefully that will give us enough information to pass to Elliot, so that he can figure out what this means... and soon.

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