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The Nightmare by Hyperion won the Writing Spotlight! Once fully inside, the cloud drifted through the house and crept into the bedroom. It had a story of its own to share.
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New Items: December User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 31, 2023
Hoppy New Year! Or almost at least! 2023 has come and gone and I'd like to take this time to thank everyone for choosing to spend part of it here with all of us on Tattered World. Every year I marvel at how far we come and I'm so excited to see where we go in the days ahead!

I'm taking this month off from the working on mining out the old upload pile, but never fear, I'll be hopping back to it next month in the new year! You can look forward to seeing all of the rewards from the Closet Clean Out event converted into new patterns (thus making them ripe for unmaking) as well as finishing off the last unchosen set, Box #3 - Hot Cardboard To-Go Cup, at the end of January. I hope you've all been enjoying this new format for monthly goodies, but I'm always happy to hear feedback on how it's going! I've slowly expanded my scope from single-item releases to small sets, since I figured we'd have a harder time slotting those into our normal release plans, and I've been trying to make sure everything I've offered mostly has been released... but it's always possible I'm oblivious to an obvious flaw in my hastily-made plans. ((RIP Dirty But Watertight Glass Jug, I'll get to you someday.))

As for what I DO have for you today, it's our final batch of users' Custom Submission items for the year! December is always a quieter time of year here at the Backstage Broker, but we've still got some specially made goods to start stocking! Let's give a big round of applause for those enduring artists! I can't wait to see what you make in 2024!

Streaked Clip-In Left Lock Selection - ( Monochrome Streaked Clip-In Left Lock, Tattered Streaked Clip-In Left Lock, Edgy Streaked Clip-In Left Lock )
Brown Left Curled Horn
Edgy Streaked Lumence Mane
Tattered Elven Braided Crown
Tattered Short Flowing Hairstyle
Tattered Sleek Side Part Hairstyle
Tattered Messy Bangs

Sheer Gala Dress Selection - ( Divine Gala Corset )
Amber Stone Eyes
Yellow Curled Antennae
Honeycomb Shadowed Face

Avatar Lantern Selection - ( Cauldron Avatar Lantern Front, Cauldron Avatar Lantern Back )
Warm White Thespian Skin Tone

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