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December Event: Closet Clean Out!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 01, 2023
Hm? Enheduanna? Oh, I'm sorry, I completely spaced out on you. I was trying to update my Wishlist when I started daydreaming about all the sequels I want to read and what might happen next... Sigh. Why does it always feel like release dates are impossibly far away?

Enheduanna: Time itself... is an impossibility...
...one that we can spend making up our own sequels! Wouldn't that be perfect for our second Closet Clean-Out Event?

Aww, yes, Enhe, that sounds lovely. We can get all cozy and comfy in our pajamas under a blanket fort and tell stories until we fall asleep! Speaking of pajamas, where did I put those boxes? Even though we got rid of all those extra leggings last year, somehow it still seems like my closet is an infinite pit of clothes... I’m so glad we decided to make this an annual event. Oh, here they are!

Everyone, the theme for this year’s Closet Clean-Out is… Pajama Party! I've already labeled the boxes for each day of the month, so everyone can visit this year’s Closet Clean-Out Event page to complete a free quest for one new clothing item per day, in all of its different colors. Just like last year, Andre will stock the patterns in his shop sometime after the event is over, so that way no one needs to worry about missing a day because they slept in or had other plans. Actually, given the theme, extra sleep is encouraged!

Enheduanna: This party should be the MOST cozy...
...so that this peace brings sweet dreams without nightmares.

Anything we can do to make this month a time of rest and relaxation, we will. I was even thinking of starting the December Site Contest early so people have more time to get their Cozy Art entries in before the contest ends on December 20th at 12:00pm (noon) CHT... What do you think, Enhe?

Enheduanna: Let's do it! Everyone can start submitting their entries today so that the winner of the most Cheers on their entry can earn the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight Showcase, the Spotlight T-Shirt, and 100 Gems! The Site Contest even comes with its own reading material in the Rules. Our Cozy theme will give everyone a much-needed break from stealing fairies and deadly Scourge attacks.

As much as I like reading about adventure and thrills, I do feel like we've had more than our fair share this year... It will be nice to relax this month under the Golden Colosseum's protection ritual once again, ensuring there are no dangerous events through the end of the year. Look up, Enhe - you can already see the shooting stars overhead! Beautiful... What will you wish upon?

Enheduanna: I wish for... a better way to fight back against the Snarls. A way that isn't fighting...
Or... an end for the Snarls and Scourges altogether. A happy ending.

Yeah... I wish for that too. Ah, but we need lots and lots of wishes for all these shooting stars! After all, throughout the full month of December, for every 100 wishes you grant on others' Wishlists - up to 1,000 total wishes - you will earn a Wishing Star Plush Selection made of all the happiness you brought to others! You'll also earn a Wishing Star Plush Selection for every 10 unique users whose wishes you grant, without limit. Completing either one of these tasks will also earn you the Wished Upon A Star title.

Enheduanna: Everyone should remember not to abuse the multi-account rules here, though!

Always a good point. Let's not ring in the new year with more broken rules. If anyone has a question, please raise your hand in this thread and we'll answer as best we can - well, Enhe and I will answer if an admin or another helpful student doesn't answer you first.

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