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New Items: November User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 30, 2023
Huh, that's weird! I was helpin' Andre take inventory of all our fabric stock an' I found these weird scraps stuck under one of the big cabinets. Wait a sec - this isn't a scrap, its a Cinis Bandit's Mask!!! It's got a lil' tag on it that says 'if lost please return to LunarRose'. Bandits... GASP!! THAT'S RIGHT!!!! HOW COULD I FORGET WE'VE GOT (sorta) NEW FRIENDS TO INTRODUCE!!!!!!

See, turns out Club wasn't the only Kith stuck over in Cirque Faerial! When she got rescued from her - what'd Shady call it again? - her lil' "forced hang out" she brought back two friends with her! First up is the Undead Phowl, who was Firebirb's winnin' Site Contest Kith from aaaaaall the way back in 2020. Oof, what were they feeding you, only fire eater sauce?! Poor Kith, you're so skinny!!

We also got the Haunted Armor Eludance who got swiped from fancy earlier that year! Man, those no good-thieves were busy back then!! This poor friend was mistaken for some empty armor an' has been left in storage this whole time...

Peeeehyew! You both stink like stale popcorn an' way too much cheese. Let's getcha both into a nice relaxin' tea bath an' then I can show you around Hope!!!

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