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Is that a S'more?? No, it's a Nibblug! by Gloria won the Kith Design Spotlight! Oh what a nice summer night bonfire. Reminds me of back home. with Hero. Oh! Who wants S'mores? Piper brought marshmallows! ...wait a minute.
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New Items: October User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 31, 2023
HOPPY HALLOWEAVE!!! How is everyone! Good? Great? Totally not harried by an awful multi-headed monster of entangling discord? Well that at least makes one of us!

I've shooed off Shady and Fray for now so they can remain safe on this spookiest of days, but I've left the comfort of my upload pile to bring you this month's Custom User Submissions! It isn't a very big list this month (busy time of year after all), so I'll start off with our beautiful submissions to Kith Fashions!

Ziodyne knows just what to do to get everyone playing nice together by bringing out the ultimate cooperator, everyone say 'hi' to Smoking Shadows Veilious! As you can see, this spooky set of friends knows how to work together and get things done! I haven't even seen ONE head try to bite another one the whole time I've known them!

Next up, over in Backstage Broker we've got a re-color expansion from Vorpalwyrm! For those of you who remember the Yellow Comfort Sweater, you can now pick it up in a multi-choice pack as the Comfort Sweater Selection with four gorgeous new colors! Oooh, snuggly!!

Lastly, for my offering this month, well... I've run into a little problem. See, I needed to pick up some supplies from the Cirque Faerial tailoring pile and uh.... I might have dropped what I was planning on releasing while fleeing in terror from the Scourge of Discord. So, uh, if y'all could do something about that thing I'll happily hop and over and pick up your extra reward after the event ends! 'Til then I'm keeping my bunny buns solidly here in Hope and in one piece.

As for NEXT month... please, I'm begging you, this smelly ice is so smelly. Please... spare me! I know we are going into the cold season and it will refreeze, but then it's going to have that weird freezer stink to it too and I just... JUNIOR KEEPS LICKING IT! I HAVE TO GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE!

So you can all look forward to Box #1 – The Half Melted Block of Smelly Ice in November!

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