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Solarium Pirate by Sheap won the Avatar Spotlight! Ahooy, I'm here to take all your cryptocurrency, your music is not worthy, even for pirating it.
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Event Update: Saving Calypso

Written by Admin  Posted on October 27, 2023
[Catch up on the Event so far]


Lmao, can’t believe you’re all still freaking out about Discord. I don’t know, Pied Piper - now that I'm on the outside, all this chaos is downright delightful. Bet I'm not the only fairy who feels that way, lol. It’s pretty much the most excitement I’ve had in ages.

Or it WAS - until you dragged me away from the battle to join your snooze of a search party! For real, how many times do I have to tell you that we’re NOT going to find Caly?! She's way too conniving to get sucked into a sucker’s trap like this. Even when the rest of us WANT her to just shut up and slow down for like two seconds, she literally doesn't stop!

Anyway, even if she did get sucked into that severing, she wouldn’t need us. She's always shoving HER help at everyone, whether they want it or not! Which is pretty infuriating to watch, since the girl’s already obviously at solo evil genius level… She's just as good at getting hooks into people as Pandora is - she just never follows through for some reason. It makes me want to SCREAM! How many times does she have to “show her work” before she decides to stick the landing?!

Not like I care about the details of whatever long con she’s scheming. But I’m getting BORED waiting around for her to cut it out with the whole “sidekick” act and just WRECK SOME SHIT ALREADY!

Unless she already has... You know, sometimes I think she's lying through her teeth about not earning her wings, ‘cause it'll help her be a better backstabbing sneak. Don’t think I haven’t noticed that nobody’s taken credit for killing Ringmaster Grandstand -

Well. Except Chadfrey. But. Lmaooo.

C'mon, you see it too, right? A perfectly-planned crime with zero visible follow-through? I don’t know a single villain who wouldn’t be showing that off, save one. Just saying. Besides –

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