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These Dreams in the Mist by Rosewater won the Writing Spotlight! Strangely, they felt as if in a dream, not really awake. But that wasn't possible, was it?
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Event Update: Saving Pandora

Written by Admin  Posted on October 05, 2023
[Catch up on the Event so far]


Ahhh, Piper, I'm sorry I'm so late! It made poor Grandma howl and growl to think of me getting anywhere near Discord - ((Growl and howl and howl and growl!))

- but I put my foot down! If The Hoot and The Pied Piper need me, I'm going whether Grandma likes it or not! I mean, it was already so awful during those scary months when you were gone and we had no way to come help you… That's how Dizzy and I started talking basically every day, you know!

Besides, being a Witch means that I'm supposed to be out learning about curses and dealing with toil and trouble, thank you very much! My mum- my parents weren't scared to face danger head-on… and their stories haven't really ended as long as I'm not too afraid to write the next chapters.

And then of course Grandma got all emotional and made me practice shooting stuff like a hundred thousand times… Anyway! I'm here now! Ooh, and I see Dizzy coming in for a landing now!

Oh NO – Dizzy, are you crying? What did that candy-coated cretin do to you?!

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