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New Event: Cirque Faerial's Severing!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 28, 2023
[Catch up on the Event here]


C’mon, let’s track down Pandora and figure out why they were acting so weird! Yeesh, it feels super strange to be back here while awake. I can’t remember the last dream I had that WASN’T about this place…

But - that’s not the only thing that’s strange.

Something about this place is - is… different? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason, my teeth are on edge. Seeba, do you feel that, or is it just my pseudo-changeling nonsense that’s giving me goosebumps?

Seeba: No, I feel something too! Like I’m all… prickly or itchy or something? Neat! Is some jerk trying to pull a magic prank on us?


But I really don’t like this. I can totally hear all of the clamor and noise, just like usual - louder than usual, actually! But other than that, there’s no sign of anyone? Not a single fairy or changeling or Kith has come out to confront us! And…

Uh… Is it just me, or are all the clouds changing colors? Whoa, all that flashing is kinda -

ARGGHH! Something’s in my eyes - in my EARS - like sharp grit, and loud buzzing, and -

No… it’s… over? Whoa, that really made my eyes water! But everything looks and sounds mostly okay - just a little blurry? H-haha, phew… That was a-


Seeba, OUCH! What’s gotten into you?! Stop thrashing and - OW!! Biting and kicking?! HEY!! It’s me - it’s ME! It’s just me… Here, c’mon…. Shhhh….

Seeba: P….Piper? Piper? Oh NO! That cut on your face, I - I did the wrong kind of bad again, didn’t I?! But - but you were GONE! How could you leave me alone, right when the Remnant started going all freaky?!

I… I didn’t? I swear, I’ve been right here next to you, the whole time! I’m not gonna leave you. I promise -

Hang on. Do you feel that wind picking up?

Seeba: I do, a-a-and… D-don’t look now but, there’s s-something out there, over to the left of -

No, it’s coming from the right!

W-wait! Above us?! BELOW US?!

Yikes, I - I see it, too! Power’s streaming out of all of the stolen objects from every single Remnant, like - I dunno, like writhing snakes?! AAA, they’re bursting out from every direction! It’s - it’s HUGE!

And I bet I know what it is!

An enormous Snarl on an epic scale, able to mess with people’s emotions and perceptions? It’s just like in the Snow Globe! This has GOT to be another Scourge, and there’s only one that makes sense…


Which means we need to move move movemoveMOVE!


I… I can’t believe it. Was the entire float we were standing on really just - shredded to pieces…? All those banners and buildings, plummeting down through the clouds...

If this keeps up, the Scourge of Discord is going to rip the whole Remnant apart! Why aren’t the fae fighting back?!


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