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Wolf's Mask Tattoo by Elfy won the Craft Spotlight! so there's this girl i really like... and her mask is so nice... it chases away the darkness, y'know? it makes the moon shine even brighter on a night like tonight...
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Site Contest Winners: September 2023

Written by Admin  Posted on September 26, 2023
Woohoo! Time to announce our epic winner of this month's Site Contest!!

Seeba: …

Psst, Seeba, c’mon… I know you’re bummed out, but we can still celebrate, even though none of the fairies or changelings wanted to join in!

Seeba: I just really thought it was an amazing idea… What’s taking them so long to open up? It wasn’t so hard for ME to see the light!

I mean… maybe they enjoy lurking in the darkness? Like, you told me that you were feeling pretty lonely before our Alliance. But if the rest of them feel like this whole solo act thing has been working out great, there’s nothing we can do about that! Just don’t let it spoil your fun, okay?

Seeba: Yeah… YEAH! You’re right! Let’s cut right to the best part, and celebrate the winner of this month's Site Contest!

You know it! Everyone, let’s congratulate Trash Catch Twin Relay by Annabelle Fireflare! Since you earned the most Cheers on your entry, you'll receive 100 Gems, as well as the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt, and the Spotlight Showcase-

Wait, the prizes - are you kidding me?! They’re ALL gone? Ugggggh, of course they are! I don’t know why I expected anything else from those villains –

Sigh. Speak of the devil.

Pandora, you know I can see you perching on the edge of that arcade cabinet!

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