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Undead Phowl by Firebirb won the Kith Design Spotlight! I LOVE SPOOKY TIME AND FALL AND I COULDNT HELP MYSELF.
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Code Update: 9/5/23

Written by Admin  Posted on September 05, 2023
Spoiler alert! Today's code update is a necessary peek into an upcoming feature, as the code has to be fully implemented on the site for us to begin the upload process long before we can release the feature to you, our users.

With this update, you may notice a new category under the Custom Items tab of the Create button: My Custom Kith Clothing. That's right, the secret project that Fray and I have been working on is the ability to dress up your Kith!

For now, I will say that Kith Clothing - not to be confused with Kith-inspired clothing that avatars can wear, sorry! - is created for the four stages of each Kith, and is not universal to every Kith in existence. So for example, a Kith Clothing would be a Blue Blepper Bowtie that can be worn on any of the four stages of a Blepper rather than a Blue Bowtie that can be worn on any Kith in any pose. This will make Custom submissions much less intensive for users who don't have the time and energy to draw hundreds of poses!

Due to these limitations, special transformations are excepted from the Kith Clothing feature. We plan to keep pricing on Custom Kith Clothing equal to the Custom Clothing prices of avatar clothes, so that recolors can be acquired at a discount and promote plenty of clothing options.

We'll have more details for you when the feature is available to users, but I figured it was best to make a news post giving you all a heads up rather than try to hastily upload everything before anyone noticed the new feature and asked suspicious questions. If you notice any strangeness or problems on the site due to this code update, please let me know in the Technical Support Forum so we can get it fixed ASAP.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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