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Royal Hearth by Dread won the Clothing Design Spotlight! I tried, tried to capture just a sliver of her spirit, of what I could gleam, even if it is just a fraction of her warmth and strength and charm.But if I was able to forge even a fraction of the inspiration I see in your eyes every time you speak of her, then...maybe I did ok.
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New Items: August User Submissions

Written by Admin  Posted on August 31, 2023
Ha HA! I bet you weren't expecting to see ME this month! Last month's absence of a poll wasn't an error – rather, I already knew what you'd be getting! BEHOLD!

As per post-Prism Party tradition, I bring you the prism-less offerings of the Twin Tail Drills Pattern and Thick Dreadlocks Pattern! Such pretty hairstyles couldn't be left as event offerings only! Instead, you can now craft either one in the base 16 hair colors for use year-round! You'll just have to pick up the pattern over at Kei's Salon! (Good luck with that!)

Moving right on to September's poll - it's going to be themed this time! Themed to what, Bun, you ask? FOOD! Since September is MY birthday month, I wanna do something fun and release some tasty NEW noms! (Trust me, you have no idea how much unreleased food we have in the pile and- STOP LOOKING AT CIRQUE FAERIAL!)

What box do you wish to choose for September's Unbury the Bun Update?

Box #1 – Half Melt Block of Smelly Ice
LOOK WHAT I FOUND OUT BEHIND THE BACKSTAGE BROKER! It was in a puddle of sticky multi-colored syrups and peanut shells! I can't believe it's still THIS frozen! It barely even stinks any worse than before!

Box #2 – Sweet Smelling Tin
This little round tin rattles when shaken, and I found it back on my vacation to the Coral Reef when I was digging around in the ancient depths of the sandy upload pile with Jr. These are pretty old, but also highly colorful!

Box #3 – Hot Cardboard To-Go Cup
Ewwww, coffee! Uh, I mean- Oh look! Mysterious hot liquid in clearly-branded disposable Ferrec Cafe cups! I wonder what could possibly be in these? HEY! HANDS OFF, JAY! YOU HAVE TO WAIT 'TIL FOLKS VOTE FOR THESE!

As always, sooner or later you will all be subjected to the horrors in that block of ice even if it doesn't win this month's vote! All options will eventuality see the light of the day on the site, so vote without fear and pick what sounds the most fun to you! This is just meant to be a lighthearted chance for you all to have some direct input on what gets released next!

What box do you wish to choose for September's Unbury the Bun Update?

The voting period for this poll has ended.

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