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Site Contest Winner: August 2023

Written by Admin  Posted on August 24, 2023
Aaaaawww, do we gotta stop Prism Partying? This year's been the funnest and messiest of 'em all!! Even the fairies were havin' fun! Piper and Hotshot had such a cool game goin' where Hotshot would set a fire and Piper would splat it with the paint sprayer to put it out, gettin' prism colors eeeeeverywheeeere!!!!! BEST! PRISM!! PARTY!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!

An' I saw that fancy fairy in a top hat watchin' both of 'em - probably to keep score, right? I wonder who won... Maybe Piper did, an' that's why she's hostin' next month's Site Contest with the theme of It Takes Two in the Games category on September 12th?

Oh right!!! There's one winner I gotta announce - our August Site Contest winner!! Congratulations to [@saltandcedar] for the winnin' entry with the most Cheers: Monochrome Mess!!!!! CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP!!!!!!!!!

Your prize is comin' straight from Admin [@Diana]'s prism pockets, so you'll soon get a shiny 100 Gems an' the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt, an' the Spotlight Showcase! Yaaay!!

It's okay that we got a lil' messy in the contest, though, 'cause we got permission first! Andre an' Kei made all the paints "water solu.. solua... soluble"? Whatever that word is, where the paints go away in the wet! So the rain and some water-filled sprayers should make cleanup nice an' easy. I'm gonna start movin' the other contest entries over to the Past Contest Entries forum to help cleanup too!!

Who's comin' with me?! It won't feel so bad to say goodbye to Prism Party if we all pitch in and put the plot bunnies and paints away together, right?

Right!!! Let's gooo!!

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