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August Event: Prism Party Splatterfest!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 10, 2023
PHEW! Everyone's back home safe an' sound for Prism Party! I was worryin' that Piper'd miss the bestest holiday!! I was SO worried that I sewed a buncha toys together juuust in case those sneaky fairies tried to tell her lies like Hope isn't fun anymore! An' then I wished really really REALLY hard on my new Wishing Star Plush that she an' Kei an' Jay an' Estella an' allll my friends wouldn't get trapped in fairyland forever n' ever - AN' MY WISH CAME TRUE!!!! It really works!!

You wanna talk about temptin' the senses, try smellin' this Popcorn Plush!!! What about the sweet smells of the Carnival Cone Plush? Mmmm mmm mm! 'Sokay, I know that smellin' isn't the ONLY sense I gotta use to break the fairy curse on our friends, I got lotsa other ideas too! Like the soothin' sprinkle sounds of the Donut Friend Plush an' the pretty paints of the Prism Cloud Plush an' the splattery touch of the Rain Cloud Plush!!

Then I thought, oh no! What if Piper actually LIKES the tricks an' lies an' stuff?? I gotta be TRICKSIER!!!! So I made the Painbow Plush in ALL THE WRONG COLORS!!! Now I do my evil laugh, right? "MWAHAHA!!"

But that's not all!!! Piper got a makeover in the circus, so I hadta make over a makeup look to make sure Hope was just as bright n' colorful as Cirque Faerial!! I wasn't sure which kinda palette Piper'd want, so I made 'em all in the three colors I hear people askin' for most during Prism Party: Prism Cloudy Palette, Spectrum Cloudy Palette, an' Monochrome Cloudy Palette! An' just like Piper's cool colored hair streaks, you can use the Prism Cloudy Comb, Spectrum Cloudy Comb, or Monochrome Cloudy Comb to dye your hair - or fur!! - temporarily! If you got some drool after smellin' so many tasty plushies, you can sneakily hide it with the Prism Cloudy Lipstick, Spectrum Cloudy Lipstick, or Monochrome Cloudy Lipstick - but please don't eat the tube... Learn from my mistakes.

Toys aren't the only thing I've been tailorin' though!!! If you wanna slap that paint right on your fur - or skin - you can wear the Prism Painted Arm Sleeve, Spectrum Painted Arm Sleeve, or Monochrome Painted Arm Sleeve all around town!! I heard we were stealin' hearts, too, so I can add some hearts to the Prism Paint Lover Tattoo, Spectrum Paint Lover Tattoo, and Monochrome Paint Lover Tattoo if you wanna wear your heart on your sleeve~

Then again, I heard the fairies are all about CHAOS!! So what if we just go wild with Prism Wild Paint, Spectrum Wild Paint, and Monochrome Wild Paint EVERYWHERE!!!!! Here, you gotta use the Prism Paint Sprayer, Prism Paint Sprayer, or Prism Paint Sprayer to aim your shots! Or not aim? I s'ppose that'd be MORE chaotic, to not aim...

Andre's always tryin' to keep my messes tidy though, so we got protective clothes to wear without ruinin' the fun! Put on a Prism Painter Jumper, Spectrum Painter Jumper, Monochrome Painter Jumper or Prism Painted Dress, Spectrum Painted Dress, Monochrome Painted Dress underneath your Prism Painter Hoodie, Spectrum Painter Hoodie, or Monochrome Painter Hoodie for lotsa layerin' choices!! Bestest of all, wear the Prism Painter Rollerblades, Spectrum Painter Rollerblades, or Monochrome Painter Rollerblades to spin right 'round while you pull the trigger n' make rainbow arcs aaaaallllll over!!!

Oh oh oh! Gotta be SAFE too - safety first!! Strap on these Prism Bun Kneepads, Spectrum Bun Kneepads, or Monochrome Bun Kneepads to keep your bun-knees from bein' scraped up if those tricksy fairies trip you!!!! An' don't forget to wear the Prism Bun Beanie, Spectrum Bun Beanie, or Monochrome Bun Beanie to keep your head safe from lumps an' bumps!

The beanie's not exactly a perfect fit under all the hairs... That's okay though!! Maybe you wanna wear the Prism Thick Dreadlocks instead? They're so bouncy I'm sure they count as protective gear! Hmmmm, if we wanna keep the hairs on theme, maybe the Prism Twin Tail Drills are a better fit, since they're all swooshy swirly like the paint sprayer makes!!!

So? Whatcha think, Piper?? Are you gonna go collectin' all the new clothes an' toys? GASP!! I almost forgot! I'm hostin' the August Site Contest, too, so everyone can wear their messiest outfit for the Avatar Contest an' win Gems an' prizes, just like at the carnival of Cirque Faerial!!! But, unlike the meanie fairies, my contest's gotta have Rules!

Let's prism partyyyy!!!!!! We have 'til August 24th to play with all this pretty paint and collectibles!!

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