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Oh, I Feel It. I Feel the Cosmos. by Taiga won the Item Design Spotlight! "While looking through old botany references, the Hive discovered the humble Cosmos... and then proceeded to wonder how such a plain flower could have this stellar name and how they could fix it.
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New Items: July User Submissions

Written by Admin  Posted on July 31, 2023
ALRIGHT! No one is getting past me this time! Shady's trusted me with guarding these super important User Custom submissions with my LIFE! I ain't letting NO ONE get by me and steal them before they can debut in the Backstage Broker.

Thankfully the list isn't too big so it's really not that hard to keep my eyes on them all at once, but I can see why Shady has been so worried about old 'acquaintances' showing up for some 'revenge'.

Well, I better get this done sooner rather than later - the longer I yap, the closer the enemy might flap!

The Smile's Mask
Mime Studded Top
Coral Winged Circlet
Red Marvelous Eyebrows

Star Lite Object Head

Red Big Clown Nose

PHEW! I think I made it in the clear! But boy howdy is Morti putting a big old target on their back. I hope everything turns out okay....

Well let's move right along to MY moment of glory! I promised everyone some recolors of the new fashions we'd be seeing from Cirque Faerial and I've come to deliver! Now if everyone could please turn their attention over to the other side of the room I've had my back to this whole time you'll see a big old beautiful pile of- Nothing...?


W-wait a second! I could have sworn this is where I put all the recolors! W-where are they?! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY STUFF?

There's a lil note here...? "Nothing personal." What does that mean?!?

Oh no! Don't tell me some dastardly ne'er-do-well STOLE ALL MY HARD WORK to stock in their own tiny shop and claim all my glory!? Noooooo! My recolors!!!!

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