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The Steampunk Solarium by Leslie won the Kith Spotlight! She makes me imagine a world in which all the Solarium technology was fueled instead by steam!
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New Items: May User Submissions

Written by Admin  Posted on May 31, 2023
Ahhhh! Nothing quite beats the taste of fresh, still-squirming fish or cephalopods. Despite all the sun, the family and I have managed to stay out of the blistering heat long enough to really enjoy our little Coral Reef vacation. Just food, fun, and some much-needed time away from my poor store that is overrun with various birds and other critters.

Really, you kiddos have no idea how much pet food I go through in a month even before factoring in Jr's little snack breaks...

Still, it’s good to be going home soon. Hopefully the Backstage Broker is still standing in one piece. I’ve been training the rabble back in the store to help poor little Club with stocking so we will see how they do on their own.

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