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New Items: Big Bite Sundaes!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 18, 2023
So, yer enjoying a Merfolk-themed month? Well shoot, nobody told me we were gonna do that… But what can I say! It’s good Tethys found something to keep her busy - busy enough, in fact, that she asked ME to showcase some recipes. And since our tentative truce is still new enough that I don’t wanna make waves, let’s dive right in, har!

Summer starts early out here, now that the Everstorm’s not roaring overhead, and things are heating up already… So it’s the perfect time to show off some icy treats to beat the heat that’re unexpectedly uncontroversial ‘round these parts! Yep, these are favored by Merfolk AND pirates alike!

First ya just whip up some creamy coconut and sweet seaweed to make a tasty base and… Ta-da! Let’s flavor up some BIG BITE SUNDAES!

Gotta start with somethin’ real classic… Here in the Reef, we love usin’ fruit flavors to really make things pop! Between the Red Tide Big Bite Sundae, Tropical Trio Big Bite Sundae, and especially that Citrus Swirl Big Bite Sundae… Nobody’s getting scurvy on OUR watch! Mmm!

‘Course, my crew goes wild over a different style. When we’re wagering on card games, sometimes we really spice things up for the unlucky losers with a Chili Chocolate Big Bite Sundae! After a few too many o’ those, yer gonna need a Coral Crunch Big Bite Sundae to finally cool things off… or maybe just a real deep dive into the drink!

Now, best for last… a Sesame Sand Swirl Big Bite Sundae! Aw, hey, don’t look at me like that. These garnishes are traditional – just ask Ogenus! I’ve seen the guy swim up to the surface JUST to get his fins on a whole school o’ these. In fact, that’s probably where all my spare sand dollars ended up… That wily Merman must be using ‘em all for garnish, har har har!

Anyhow, we’ve got the recipes all written up now, so ya can nab them for yerself in my Pirate Galley. Cheers!

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