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New Premium Items: Merfolk Animal Tails!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 05, 2023
Swim closer, everyone… Once again it is I, the beautiful Tethys, here to entice you all with some fantastically fishy festivities! Yes, it's the Coral Reef's time to shine!! I don't see why they should keep all the fun to themselves in the Enchanted Forest, hmph - though I did love having all those pretty sparkly flowers bouncing around my grotto! But why do they get to hog the event spotlight, when instead we could be admiring all of the very best that the Coral Reef has to offer?

By which I mean the Merfolk, of course~

After all, I've heard that some of you like to celebrate “MerMay”… Such a swoonworthy concept~! Delightful! Dazzling! Though I can’t believe you would try to contain such an enormous celebration to a single month… No, no, my enraptured admirers, don’t get discouraged by your daunting task! It’s a wonderful start - and I’m here to help!!

I'm sure that Ogenus has told you all the boring details about how Merfolk transformations work, which means I can swim past all that dry-as-sand explanations about the option to choose different oceanic shapes that resonate with our hearts and get to the good stuff - our notoriously good looks~! After all, there are so many different ways that our magic lets us decorate ourselves!

Just imagine! You could showcase a stylish White Merfolk Seal Tail, like Dione does… Or perhaps a Red Merfolk Octopus Tail like her late husband used to favor! Awww, she was showing me the cutest pictures of the two of them the other day… Adorable!! It's so nice to see her able to talk about him more openly… She’s really turned over a new kelp.

And, ooh, you know what the best proof of that is? The other day, Dione even agreed to go on a double date with me!! Finally, admitting that there might be some other fishes in the sea!

Though tragically, the date in question was an utter calamity… The mermaid that I was paired with, despite her gorgeous Green Merfolk Eel Tail, was definitely not worthy of my unbelievable generosity and charm and compassion! Would you believe that she barely asked any questions about me all night? Just talking on and on about herself for hours!! HMPH!!! Can you even imagine what it would be like to attempt a romance with someone so self-centered?! I can’t believe that anyone thought we would be a good match!!

Ugh, I'm more steamed than a well-done clam… No, I'm boiling like a volcanic vent! Oooh, or maybe a... WAIT! Nobody swim away! I haven't even gotten to the best part of the presentation!

Powerful Shimmerfins sometimes enjoy showing off an array of colors with a Purple Merfolk Sea Slug Tail… There’s a saying that the patterns are “a mark of wisdom and patience,” but who has time to inch around like that? Some of us have more important things to do than just lounging about, “observing the magic of our surroundings” and “savoring the fleeting nature of life”! You don’t need to look any further than me to see that you can be incredible-looking AND fast-swimming at the same time!

Ooh, for example – here's a style that I experimented with when I was a teenager! A Pink Merfolk Jellyfish Tail! Isn't that just so delicate and lovely? But alas, such beauty came with a painful price… For who would dare embrace someone and risk their sting?! Sniff… Oh well! I think we can all agree that my current beauteous form is the absolute height of perfection, without need for any specific inspiration… Sometimes you just can't mess with the classics!

Now, obviously, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to transform the way that we Merfolk do, but never fear! In my incredible generosity, I asked Dione to prepare some costume replicas for you, so that you can dress up in these glamorous tails of your own and-


What is THIS?! Somebody cut apart this extra bag of costumes… and the rest of the fabric is MISSING?! Stolen! Thieved!! PLUNDERED!!! This Black Sleek Eel Tail and Brown Sleek Seal Tail, these won't cover your human legs at all! The same thing with this Yellow Sleek Sea Slug Tail… And even with all the extra volume of the Orange Sleek Octopus Tail and Blue Sleek Jellyfish Tail, it’s all woefully inadequate! WAAAHHH! Who could have DONE such a foul thing?!

Well… Sniff… The joke’s on them! I'm not going to let any pesky prank-pulling pirate ruin my magnificent celebration of all things Merfolk! I'll just spruce these up a little bit and… There!

Now we have TWO different bundles for everyone to enjoy – the Merfolk Animal Tail Badge Bundle and the Sleek Sea Tail Badge Bundle!! I'm going to send these floating off to Nicholas’ Headmaster’s Office shop, along with their respective Pick A Part: Merfolk Animal Tail Badge and Pick A Part: Sleek Sea Tail Badge!

Isn't that just perfectly picturesque? Hope you all come swimming with me soon~

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