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Site Contest Winners: April 2023

Written by Admin  Posted on April 25, 2023
Thank you all for joining… our Springtide celebration…

Let us conclude the festivities… by announcing the winner… of the April Site Contest… The New Chalcedony by Kreszia11.

Since you earned the most Cheers on your entry… you shall receive 100 Gems… as well as the In the Spotlight Achievement… the Spotlight T-Shirt… and the Spotlight Showcase.

And before I take my leave… to rest within my tree, from such a… spirited and energetic holiday of rituals… I shall move the winning thread to the Archived Contest Winners Forum… And all other entries to the Past Contest Entries Forum.

In my absence... prepare yourself for the May Site Contest… with the theme of Treasured Stories. This Writing Contest will be hosted… by Marcus of the Coral Reef. Share a story that you treasure.

What else must yet be done…?

I shall gather the remaining articles of clothing. Let me tuck them back into their trunk… Just as I shall tuck myself back into my own tree trunk – Oh. Have I perhaps… spent too much time with Alban?

Regardless… now that we have finished our celebration… there is little else for me to –

Oh! Your Highness!

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