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February Event: Palentine's Day!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 10, 2023
Oh my, it's here at last! My very favorite time of year… Palentine's!!!

Every year we gather to celebrate love in all its forms - familial, platonic, romantic, and anything else you can imagine… And there are plenty of goodies, too!

I have my fur dyed, and now everything is neatly arranged in Nic's office - I mean, my Palentine's Day shop, heehee! Come dress up in a Sweetheart Lovebug Courier Shirt, and Sweetheart Lovebug Courier Pants. Ooh, and you probably want to accessorize with Sweetheart Lovebug Courier Shoes and a Sweetheart Lovebug Courier Belt!

Kei even managed to come up some cute new hairstyles, the Pink Lovely Heartbuns and Pink Lovely Hair Strand. Even though he did seem much more distracted than usual…

Perhaps he's just been busier than usual running the February site contest with all its confessions? I know that this is a big time of year for so many hope students and folks from other remnants…

You see, one of the most exciting parts of this holiday is using a Letter of Trade to send messages directly to your favorite shopkeepers! Although you can use these throughout the year, because they are always available in Nicholas's Headmaster's Office - and sometimes I've even seen some floating around the User Marketplace - each Palentine's we celebrate the season by offering everyone three letters of trade for FREE! Just swing by the event page this weekend and I'll give you some!

And since so many students have been preparing heartfelt missives for their favorite shopkeepers and for each other, I thought some extra supplies would come in handy…

TADA! We have a Sweetheart Lovebug Courier Pen, perfect for writing things like these Sweetheart Lovebug Courier Notes - oh!

Oh MY!

Why, it seems that everyone has been so excited for the holiday that we have a case of Sweetheart Lovebug Special Delivery! But don't fret, you can stuff them all in this Sweetheart Lovebug Courier Mailbag to make sure that none of your letters get lost!

Although delivering them all may still be quite the challenge.… Sigh…

I wish…

I wish…

I wish I had some special help with all these letters…

Oh!! What's that? Something moving in the Tatters? Oh dear, if I have to interrupt my nice Palatine celebration the battle yet more Snarls I shall be very cross indeed! But… OH! No, you're not a Snarl at all! How extraordinary, are you… a brand-new Kith?

You're a Couribon? Ooh, and there are more of you? It's so lovely to meet you all! And what marvelous taste aesthetic taste you have! Your home Remnant must be very charming -

You mean, you aren't from any particular Remnant?

You were inspired… by ME?

Why, that's… a bit unconventional…

But… I have been feeling a little lonely, ever since the Lucky Venture acted as if I was so very odd, calling me different from all the other Kith that they had seen… And after that kerfuffle with Enhe, I am determined not to let my judgment overshadow what anyone needs!

So… what is it that you do need, little ones?

…To share love with your writing? What splendid timing! A bit confusingly so… Did our holiday summon you? I shall have to ask if this sort of thing happens elsewhere…

Regardless… Everyone, look! These new Kith have brought with them a special series of Palentine's books!

We're starting with some Prewritten Palentine's Packs - that's perfect for the season! And I can't wait to read Memories of Them and Mending Hearts.

Next we have some books that they found dropped in the Tatters - Pen Palentine's and Leaves of Love! Did these books belong to Skyler? She is quite the romance novel aficionado, heehee!

And finally, we have Fiery Faerie Tales!

What a curious cover… This was simply lying around? I'll just peek inside, and… Oh… Oh MY…

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