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January Update: New Snarls!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 11, 2023
Hold the line, everyone! Thanks to Enheduanna’s warning, we have the entire border covered by prepared Kith and Allies, poised for battle - and my goodness, not a moment too soon! HERE COME THE SNARLS!

Petty and Mild Snarls? That's no problem for us by now!

Strong and Overwhelming Snarls… Oh my! But forewarned is forearmed - we’re ready to tangle!

Last and worst - the Devastating Snarls! Hff… hff… Stay strong, everyone! Don't despair, little ones! This is the most well-prepared that we've ever been for battle. Trust your Allies and trust your instincts, just like our brave Enheduanna-

Enheduanna: ...

O-oh, Enhe, dear, I didn’t see you there! I know you dislike battle, preferring your… other methods… but your presence is very welcome here! You've aided us all so very much already. Althea herself would be proud of your heroism, I'm sure of it!

Enheduanna: Not heroic… Or inspiring.

Nonsense! These victories today are due in great part to your insights. And so many of the little ones admire you for it! After all, this is hardly the first time that you’ve used your attunement to the Tatters to give us warnings of danger-

Enheduanna: I am good for little else.


Ohh no! Come back here, young lady! Don't think for a moment that I'm going to let you say that about yourself! I… I know that my early efforts to help you transform back were fruitless. I witnessed firsthand how badly you wished to return to your former self, and I have often felt personally responsible for our failure.

Enheduanna: …

And… well. I know that when you and Miranda began experimenting with binding Snarls, we may have… argued. But that risky practice still raises my hackles! It’s only that it seems like such a desperate -

Enheduanna: Not that desperate.

- attempt to regain what you’ve lost, when you have seemed to adapt to your situation-

Enheduanna: You never understood... You can't, can you? You can't even imagine...

And I am sorry for it! But you cannot deny that regardless of your form, and regardless of your abilities, you are loved by many! For you! And your alliance with Miranda is a testament to the caring and dedication that -

Aggh! Look out!

The b-battle… is intensifying… I've got to focus! Oh, it’s so easy to have emotions lose control with these accursed Snarls swarming everywhere… But! We should continue to talk about this, when we are both feeling more -

Oh, bother! Where did she slip off to? Hfff… No time! I'll have to follow up about it later…

Because for now…

We fight!

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