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Angelic Demon by Parda won the Clothing Design Spotlight! Listen I was just craving that sweet sweet aesthetic
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Site Contest: January 2023

Written by Admin  Posted on January 10, 2023
Alright, alright, here we go! I’m ready to host the January Site Contest: Don’t Lose Hope while wearing my rad new leggings! Man, I had no idea what Miranda was hiding in the depths of her closet… Y’know, Lycus once told me that she "kinda had a leggings phase” back when they were in high school, but I didn’t get any of the deets. I mean, you probably remember how he used to get about Miranda - so when I asked him to dish out more info, the guy practically turned purple, haha!

Anyway, this teen is ready to carry on the proud tradition of ridiculous patterns! Ooh, before I get into the boring details of the contest nitty-gritty, maybe I should stop by the Campus Supplies store to show Miranda how I styled them -

Wait a sec… Trotting across the plaza, is that…? Oh! Um, hi Enhe!

Enheduanna: …

Uh… you remember me, right? Piper? I know it's not like we really hang out, but I definitely played with you a couple times, back before… um, you know. The accident when the Narrator’s Everstorm struck you with that lightning, and you got all - uhh -

Enheduanna: Tattered… without end.

Right… yeah. Iris told me that you're the only Kith that’s never been able to transform again. I'm sorry… That sucks.

Enheduanna: …

Sorry, I wouldn’t’ve brought it up, I just didn't know you were still so torn up about it - I mean, sorry! Agh, pun definitely not intended! (awkward…)

But, like, I just meant - every time I go into Campus Supplies, you look really cheerful…

Enheduanna: For Miranda.

Ooh boy… yeah, I definitely get that. A big smile makes dealing with garbage so much easier, right? And it’s great for getting people off your back…

Oh, hey! I know! If you want to have some actual fun again, I'm about to run the January Site Contest’s Games Contest, where you hang out in the Arcade and show off a screenshot from a game that you're proud of!

Enheduanna: …

Hang on, you’re walking right past the Arcade - are you not interested? Um, that's okay! If you aren't! It's cool to participate or not partici-

Enheduanna: I sense… the Tatters outside the town… the Tatters within me…

You mean - uh oh. Are the Rock Bottom Snarls finally showing up?!

Enheduanna: Perhaps… Soon…

COOL! That’s awesome timing - because I'm also running a Battle Contest! This upcoming siege of Snarls seems like the perfect chance to capture an epic battle moment and show it off!

Hey everybody! Listen up! I know that tons of Kith and allies have been prepping all month, taking advantage of that protective barrier for training galore - so now it’s time for everybody to show off their skills, whether on the battlefield or on a game console!

The entries for both categories start today! The contest’s gonna end on January 24th at 12:00 (noon) CHT - and the winner of each category gets a whopping 100 Gems, plus a special In the Spotlight Achievement and some awesome unique items, the Spotlight Showcase and Spotlight T-Shirt!

Oh, and lemme get the boring stuff out of the way - winners are chosen based on the number of Cheers that their entry receives. And don't forget to read the Rules! Or Iris will do that disappointed face she does, haha!

Enheduanna: Iris has… many opinions...

H-hey! What's with that tone of voice? Iris is AWESOME! She’s the best battler in Hope, she’s a massive sweetie pie - and she works really hard to take care of all the Kith! I remember she even worked super hard to help YOU back when your accident happened, trying to figure out why you were stuck in that Tattered form and how to fix it-


Okay, maaaaybe that didn’t really go anywhere. But she tried, right?

Enheduanna: Her attempts to assist… were pointless…

Uh, wow, okay! Seriously, I don't get it. You're mad that you can't transform, and you're mad when people try to help you transform? C’mon, I know an unwinnable game when I see one-

Enheduanna: !!!!!

What- I mean, what is it? Do you hear something out there?

Enheduanna: I sense… Yes. I am… certain.

All of us must take heed…

The Snarls draw closer. The protective barrier fades…

They will breach our borders… tomorrow

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