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New Items: December User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 31, 2022
Oh BOY!! I gots the whole house all to myself~! Andre went over to Miranda's for New Year's Eve to help put her closet back together after she ransacked it for stuffs to give out. That means I get to throw a PARTY!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! I've got all kindsa fizzy drinks an' crunchy snacks for us to munch on aaaaall night long!!!

My friends Haiz an' Starbird Gemwing are gonna be on popcorn duty!! We're gonna need to refresh the bags throughout the night - but we can't let any burn!! That's one stink we absolutely don't want following us into the new year...

The drinks cooler is gettin' tended to by Sea Snake Delphydra with Ziodyne on towel duty in case of messes! We gotta keep the level of ice and water juuuuuust right to keep the drinks optimally cold!!

I've heard that some people put out lil' lemons made to look like piggies on New Year's Eve, that you're s'pposed to whisper to so they hear your wishes for the new year! I tried to cut up the lemons into animal shapeses but uhhh my lemon-sculpting needs some more practice... so instead I asked Wandering Mask to bring over Four-Leaf Clover Cinis instead for all our wishing needs!!! You just gotta make sure to pay them in head pats and snacks for any wishes made!!

And what would New Year's be without a whole lotta KABOOMS!?! Marshmallow Doodle Cinis brought over a buncha fireworks for us to set off outside in Robin's garden!! It's gonna be super MEGA PRETTY!!!!! We're gonna light up the whole sky!!! But no one needs to worry about our sweet friend here getting toasted - Stream Doodle Whimperial is ready an' rarin' to go with a fire extinguisher just in case the party gets a lil' too rowdy!

And for those of you who don't feel like staying up till the new year we've got a cozy comfy room in the back set up with Cuddling Veilious and Anbica so you can snuggle down and welcome in the morning with some much earned rest!

I've made so many new friends this year an' it just gets me more an' more excited to think about all the new ones I'll get to meet next year!! I hope everyone has a super fun New Year's Eve!!! I'll see you all NEXT YEAR!!!!! WOOOOO~!!!!!!

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