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Home Sweet Hope by Hyperion won the Gallery Spotlight! I can't wait to get to know everyone in the new Remnant, and I hope my gallery shows even a small part of what makes Hope such a wonderful place.
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New Premium Items: Constellation Kith!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 05, 2022
It's almost time, it's almost - where IS she?! We are nearly prepared to enact the God of Winter's protection ritual of compounded memory! I can't wait forever - pay attention, acolytes! Do you all know why we're here today? Now, as someone who has not only studied but memorized the astronomical calculations of every recorded success among Winter Mystics seeking the God's blessing, I am well aware that the moment of peak casting would be on the eve of the Winter solstice, or what is known in Hope's calendar as the 21st day of December. Obviously!

But in order to maximize the potential of this blessing, while minimizing the amount of time between the Lucky Venture's dangerous departure AND the raising of the protective barrier, now is best. Okay? I'm not making some kind of novice mistake!

Besides, I've made sure that all of my prayers are absolutely accurate and super up-to-date. Once we've summoned Winter's great protectors, that should buy us at least a month of safety from any new Snarl attacks! That way, we can bolster all of our defenses and optimize our battle strategies for dealing with Autumn's dark creatures.

Everything is present and accounted for… Except for Iris! Where is she?! Strengthening the Kith was her idea in the first place! She was supposed to be here at exactly -

Oh. She's approaching right now.


O Ally to the Mystic of the Lost Goddess of Wisdom, unparalleled leader of the Kith of Hope, I greet you. May the memories of Winter grace and guide you always. Were you able to bring all of the anointed objects of ritual?

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