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December Event: Closet Clean Out!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 01, 2022
There! I think that's finally the last of those new Remnant books labeled and organized. Now I just need to figure out where to put all of them… I've already had to take so many trinkets off of the shelves to make room. Sigh… It's been a tiring few months. Between Halloweave and the Lucky Venture's surprise visit, I've got so much extra stuff in my apartment that it feels like I'm tripping over something every time I turn around. Maybe cleaning things out should be my New Year's resolution?

I'm almost relieved that Kosmas has asked me to send over all those reference books for him. That “protection ritual” that he and Iris are putting together sounds very interesting… I hope it will help us deal with whatever battles are brewing in the Lucky Venture's wake. Then again, he did say something about "wishful thinking," so maybe not…

Where are those reference books, though? Maybe I put them in this closet?

ACHOO! S-s-so dusty - ACHOO!!! Oh dear, I think some of these boxes haven't even been unpacked since I got home from the Coral Reef! And - um, wait, these aren't books at all?

It's a pile of my old clothing… Good grief, Andre's right, I do have too many leggings. Not to mention those old pants, and… Eh? I haven't worn these shorts since before the Kith came to Hope! Where am I going to put these? Especially since this closet would be perfect to store all of the new Lucky Venture books I bought in triplicate…

Oh, Enheduanna - you're bringing me a book? Wait, did you get confused? This was from last year's Lucky Venture event, not this one… It's a Snow Globe book! You see? Yard Sale

Wait a minute… You clever girl! Of course! I can host a closet clean-out in the University Plaza, just like a yard sale! It looks like there are 31 boxes in here, so if I put a new one out each day, people can just show up and take them! We should make sure that they are completely free, though. After all the expenses of the past few months, I feel like that will be appreciated.

Hm, and maybe we can also ask Andre to make some patterns for these? That way, anyone who doesn't get a chance to grab the free versions this month will still have a chance to make them all later.

And then I'll finally have room for all my new volumes- aha! At the very back, here are those reference books that Kosmas was asking about!

The scientific volumes about astronomy…

And the nursery rhymes about wishing on a star……

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