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New Items: Magazines!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 01, 2016
No Spoilers!

Ahhhh, what a beautiful day! A perfect time to settle down in the greenhouse and read in the sunlight. Luckily I was able to scoop up all the latest issues of my favorite magazine publications earlier today~

Let's start with the most important one, Horoscope Monthly. Oh, silly, I’m not saying that my horoscope is always right, I’m just saying that I want to be clued in to certain disasters ahead of time to avoid them! Not to mention it gives me a good idea who to watch for the best gossip...

Oh! Andre has more work featured in this month’s Final Fashion. What a beautiful dress! That model is so lucky… I wonder if they let her keep it? Did you know I've modeled for them a few times? It is just fantastic! You get to meet the designer, get lots of pictures taken, and they have all these fans blowing for glamour shots - it's just so much fun! And half the time you get to keep the clothes since they were tailored for you anyway!

And now for the best one! You have to save The Rose for last if you are reading anything else. Just don't let yourself get too behind or you might get spoiled and that is just the worst. Let's see... oh ho... oh ho ho, oh my, Robert you naughty boy, spreading rumors that you are the secret rose giver? And, what... Casey is secretly a pair of twins switching in and out of the house?! No? Yes! What?! GASP!

Oh... oh no, I can't talk to anyone about this till they read it! Quick! Run down to the Campus Supplies store and buy your own copy and come back! Go! GO GO GO!

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